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Sequoia Choice Precision School

Highly Qualified

August 31, 2015

Dear Parents:
Under the Federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, Title I schools are required to provide parent notification when a teacher does not meet the requirements as a highly qualified professional as outlined by the legislation.

The Teachers listed below are valued member of the faculty here at Sequoia Choice Precision School. Although they do not meet the Federal requirements for being a highly qualified teacher according to the NCLB guidelines, they do meet the provisions to teach according to the Arizona Board for Charter Schools. These Teachers will be completing the necessary steps to meet the Federal highly qualified requirements as soon as possible. Thank you.

Steven R. Isham
Sequoia Choice Precision School

Keith GreerEnglishMay 2016
Naureen HasanMathMay 2016
David IshamSocial StudiesMay 2016
Leslie McGruderEnglishMay 2016
Jean MontreuiolMathMay 2016
Windy SalterSocial StudiesMay 2016
John YoungkinMathMay 2016

Please feel free to contact the Principal, Steven R. Isham at (602) 453-3661 with any questions.