About Us

Education is the key to success.

Why attend Precision Learning Center? The answer is in our Charter Vision and our Motto (see below). It is Precision’s family atmosphere. The staff of Precision Learning Center is dedicated to helping each student succeed.

The Precision Learning Center campus is small, clean, and friendly. Students know each other and the staff knows all the students.

Each child’s success and safety is our number one responsibility. We have assembled a caring, dedicated and highly qualified staff to provide the opportunity for success. To ensure success, Precision Learning Center, has invested in tools to help any student who is behind become proficient in Reading and Math, for any student who is ahead we offer college level English or Math.

We invite you and to visit the Precision Learning Center. Meet our staff.  They are here to help you manage your education because education is the key to success!

School Motto

“We are a Committed Family
We Aim, We Plan, We Succeed”

Mission Statement

“Empowering each student with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college, career and life.”

Charter Vision

“Our Path through Education is not measured by Perfection but by Progress.”