Parent Survey (English)

Parent Satisfaction Survey

In which grade(s) is your student(s) currently enrolled? Please mark all that apply.

Please choose an answer to each of the following questions.

1.My child is challenged to meet high expectations at this school.

2.The amount of homework my child receives is appropriate for his/her grade level.

3.I talk with my child's teacher(s) about my child's schoolwork, challenges, and academic progress.

4.My child feels comfortable asking his or her teacher(s) for help.

5.Teachers are accessible when I have a concern.

6.I would recommend this school to other families.

7.Collaboration and feedback are valued at this school.

8.I feel welcome in my child's school.

9.This school has improved my child's confidence.

10.This school offers a wide variety of opportunities for parental involvement.

11.This school has high academic expectations for its students.

12.Discipline is enforced fairly at my child's school.

13.I feel that the technology available in the school is adequate to support my child's learning needs.

14.My child's school is clean.

15.My child feels safe at school.

16.I am aware of the educational goals for my child.

17.I am aware of my child's progress or problems before progress reports are sent home.

18.I feel well informed about what is going on at the school.

19.I feel respected at this school.

20.Overall I am satisfied with my child's education at this school.

21. How did you hear about this school?